Saturday, June 27, 2009

Round Robin Quilts

The Round Robin which we started after Quilt Camp 2008 was a great success. We all started with a rectangular center block. The block was mailed to the next person in the group where a border was added. After making the rounds to each of the members in the group, the quilt was returned to the owner to be finished. This applique center block was done by Connie Benwitz.

The quilts all hung in the Gallery at Lyndon State College in Vermont during Quilt Camp 2009

This is my Round Robin quilt which I posted on an earlier blog

Joan Terry's quilt has an Amish look that was carried out through the Round Robin.

This Round Robin quilt is owned by Glenda McNeil

This is one of the five Round Robin quilts that was produced by the five members of Quilt Camp 2008. It belongs to Barbara Oliver.