Thursday, September 13, 2007

Forest View Farm

It has been a wonderful first summer here at the farm. Since the move in April, all but a few of the boxes are unpacked and put away. The two horses have settled into their new home. The four outdoor cats love all the frogs and mice to chase. The five indoor cats like having all the room to roam and places to lie about in the sun. The three dogs race around in the large fenced in area, barking warning of any visitors to the farm.
The bird feeders are up and are loaded with goldfinch. Cardinals and humming bird are a frequent sight also.
My summer has been very busy, the way I like it. Unpacking the rooms full of boxes and sorting out the" keep stuff" from the" yard sale stuff". My time in Connecticut has come to an end . I will be leaving for Arizona on Saturday, September 15.
While I was here I was able to spend great times with family and friends. My three grand daughters from CT., Emily (15), Haley(11), and Kristen(6), spent some time on the farm too. Emily is a horse back rider, but she also is learning to use the sewing machine. She made a pieced pillow, a small quilt, and a pair of pajama pants. Haley spent time with the foster kitten, Gracie. The kitten was in need of bottle feeding. Both Haley and Kristen enjoyed the pool, tire swing, and tree house.
Aimee (15) and Caitlyn, the first year college girl spent, time here too. Aimee stayed for several weeks helping with the horses and spending time with her CT. cousins. We enjoyed Caitlyn's visit as well. Caitlyn was able to stay for a week, but when she left had a terrible sun burn acquired at the pool.
We have no cell phone service on the farm. Caitlyn's mode of communication (text messaging) was greatly diminished. However, Aunt Debbie's shopping trip to the mall helped.
The temperature is in the 70's this week. The leaves are beginning to turn. I hope Arizona cools down soon.